An innovative carriage shield
that protects
your baby from smog

A really
healthy walk
every day

The air where we live is frequently polluted and constitutes a danger to our health. Smog affects everybody, but it is particularly harmful to small children, who really should not be outside in high air pollution conditions. There also appear new epidemiological risks of an unknown up to now scale.

At same time, a daily walk is a very important part of the day for most young parents. BRIMMU is a new product on the market, which safely and efficiently addresses this problem.

air exchange

The filtrating module exchanges air inside the carriage more than 70 times per hour

A 90% plus efficiency in purifying air on Pm2,5 and Pm10

Safety is
our priority





Not just

Not just

BRIMMU protects your children not only from smog, but also allergens (like pollen).

Thanks to an innovative filter coating technology BRIMMU is also an effective shield against pathogens (viruses and bacteria), which is especially important in situations like epidemiological risk conditions or a child’s lowered immunological system efficiency.


BRIMMU is universal

BRIMMU comes in 2 versions. It fits on all standard carriage models and most common trolley models available on the market.

You will find more on compatible carriage and trolley sizes in the product description in the “shop” section.

Smog harms

Smog harms babies

Because of the intensive developement of their respiratory, immunological and nervous systems



The BRIMMU App connects to the shield, showing: is the filtrating system ON, is there a need to exchange the filter, and the current temperature inside the carriage.

In addition to that, using the Airly monitoring system, our app shows the air quality in your area (indicating if using the shield is necessary).

You will soon find it in AppStore and GooglePlay.

We created BRIMMU
so we could have
a calm walk with
our kids

We created BRIMMU so we could have a calm walk with our kids

Now we want our product
to help other parents 

BRIMMU was created thanks
to European Union Funds

Our partners

You often ask

It’s best to use the shield when the pollution levels in your neighborhood surpass the applicable norms, although we would advise to remember that the sensors that provide the publicly available pollution data are not normally installed at street levels, so if you want to take a long walk along a busy street we recommend to use the shield regardless of the available data. We strongly advise not to use the shield in high temperatures (25o C in the sun) because of the overheating risk. The temperature inside the carriage is being monitored continuously by a built-in thermometer (see: safety)

The shield is equipped with a filter permeability control system, which will indicate the need to replace the filter. Estimated time of use of a singular filter is 6 months of daily use (assuming a 2 hour walk every day). This time may change due to particular pollution conditions in a given location. Using the shield in highly polluted areas (e.g. construction works area) may significantly shorten the time of use of a single filter. Regardless of the above, a single filter should not be used for longer than 12 months.


The shield fits practically all of the pram-type carriages available on the market and most of the stroller-type carriages. You will find more on the compatible carriage and trolley sizes in our product descriptions in the “shop” section.

If you have doubts in this matter, please send us a message with the brand and name of your carriage or the width and height of the “window”, please include a photo if you can. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

The air in a shield-equipped carriage is exchanged more than a seventy times per hour. 

Continuous exchange and circulation of air also flushes out carbon dioxide, which has been proved by a series of tests using a carbon dioxide exhale simulator. You can find more on this matter in the “constant air exchange” section.


The built-in thermometer monitors continuously the temperature levels inside the carriage. The app or the indicators on the shield will alert you if the temperature rises above 25o C. We strongly advise not to use the shield in high temperatures (above 25o C in the sun).


The construction of the filtering module prevents any air currents to be directed at the child, as the air exits it around its perimeter and flows throughout the inside of the carriage in a mild manner.


The air inflow generated by the filtering module prevents that, as was demonstrated in the tests conducted for us.


The device produces only “white noise” that might help your baby sleep.


Air purifiers are efficient in closed areas of small cubature, because only by working on limited air amounts they are able to purify it. Using an air purifier without enclosing the carriage area is therefore simply not efficient as the polluted air outside is constantly mixing with the purified air, which obviously is produced in much smaller amounts.


Yes, the filter used in the BRIMMU systems purifies the air of all airborne particulates over certain diameter, which includes pollens.


Yes, the filter used in the BRIMMU systems purifies the air of all airborne particulates over certain diameter, which includes certain bacteria and viruses. We recommend therefore using the BRIMMU system in epidemiological risk conditions, but also in high people density locations (malls, airports, etc.) or particularly exposed locations (hospitals and such), also in case of a medically proven lowered immunity system of the child. 

Due to materials used in manufacturing and the construction of the filtering module, the BRIMMU system is capable of withstanding difficult atmospheric conditions without compromising its safety or efficiency, though long-use in downpour conditions is not recommended (besides such conditions usually are consistent with relatively clean air, as the rain droplets bind the airborne pollutants while coming down).



Any questions?

If you have any questions about the system – do not hesitate to ask. We will respond as soon as possible.


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