Brimmu 2 – for stroller

Brimmu 2 - for stroller


Mobile air purifier that fits most models of strollers available on the market (more on that below).

It has as many as two filter modules, with specially designed filters that deliver purified air to the interior of the stroller all the time.

The control module checks: that the system works flawlessly, lets you know when it’s time to change the filters, and keeps an eye on whether the stroller is at a safe and comfortable temperature for the little one.

The product includes two dedicated F9 type filters.

Note: The product does not include a power bank (you will need a 5V power bank to use it).

Before using Brimmu, be sure to read the instruction manual and follow its recommendations.

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We know you don’t want to give up outdoor activities with your toddler because of smog! That’s why we introduce you to Brimmu! Brimmu will help you enjoy daily walks with your child, even on , “smog” days, without exposing his health to the negative effects of air pollution.


Who is Brimmu 2 for?

– for children aged from 9 months to 3 years and weighing up to 15 kg

– for strollers with a stroller seat with the dimensions shown in the picture in the photo gallery and listed in the table below:


wymiar minimum maximum
A 35 50
B 55 70



How does Brimmu work?

The stroller version contains two filter modules that pull air from outside the stroller, purify it and let it inside. Why as many as two? To ensure optimal air exchange for the, already slightly larger toddler, traveling in a stroller with a larger surface area ?

The air in the stroller is exchanged dozens of times per hour. Thanks to this exchange – CO2 is also removed and the child breathes fresh air all the time.


Each module contains one dedicated F9 type filter. These filters show a purification efficiency for PM10 (larger) and PM 2.5 (smaller particles that can penetrate the body’s cell barriers) smog particles of at least 90%.

In addition, Brimmu includes a control module that monitors the system’s performance and conditions, such as the temperature inside the cart and the degree of filter wear. This module is located at the top of the cover so that it is easily visible to the parent.

The product is powered by a 5V power bank. The power bank resides in a zippered interior pocket protected from the elements while the cover is in use.

Note: The product does not include a power bank (you will need a 5V power bank to use it )

All materials used to create the Brimmu were made in Poland and have been tested for safety and non-toxicity ( OEKO-TEX certified)

The window allows the child to observe the world while walking.

The weighted “blanket” is very easy to lift to reach the baby whenever needed.


Note: it is possible that there are delicate scratches on the window film, resulting from the production process or packaging of the cover. We make every effort to eliminate this problem. Thank you for your understanding.

Before using Brimmu, be sure to read the instruction manual and follow its recommendations.


How to use Brimmu?
Brimmu is very easy to put on and take off.

Before using Brimmu, be sure to read the instructions for use and follow their recommendations.


Cleaning and maintenance

In case of dirt, the surface of the cover or modules can be cleaned gently with a damp cloth. Brimmu is not suitable for mechanical or hand washing.
When you do not use Brimmu – it is best to fold or hang the cover in a shady place, even better – in the Brimmu Bag 2 purchased from us. Do not store the unused product outdoors for a long time.

Manufactured in Poland.