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The air in our neighborhood is often of poor quality and is a threat to our health. Smog harms everyone, but the most vulnerable are young children, who should hardly be outside during times of high pollution.

However, we know that you don’t want to, because of smog, give up your outdoor activities! This is where Brimmu comes to the rescue, filtering the air your child breathes all the time during your walk.

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The only effective smog protection for infants and children up to 3 years old.

Protects against more than 90% of harmful smog particles (as indicated by tests conducted in real smog conditions). Due to the reduced surface area of the stroller, a continuous exchange of air inside the stroller is possible (dozens of times per hour).


Our product was created in cooperation with specialists in testing and attestation of children’s products from the KOMAG Institute in Gliwice and scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. We have tested:
– materials in terms of non-toxicity
– compliance of the product with standards for strollers and children’s products
– the amount of air that must be injected into the stroller (test with a child’s breathing simulator).


Brimmu is an active air purifier – it does not close off the air inside the stroller, on the contrary, it delivers it there throughout the walk – “caught” outside and filtered from smog. Depending on the type of cover, Brimmu has one or two filter modules. The filter modules contain F9 type HEPA filters.


Brimmu comes in 2 versions – for a deep stroller and a stroller. It fits all standard models of carrycots and most models of strollers on the market. It is easy to put on and take off. The front of the cover is a weighted blanket”, which can be lifted at any time to reach the baby.

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How does

Brimmu protect?


This is important


We breathe polluted air in Poland for up to 1/3 of the year. That translates into 240h/year of walking with your child in smoggy conditions (assuming you walk 2h a day). That’s the equivalent of smoking several thousand cigarettes a year in harmful tar (


Daily inhaled smog increases the risk of:
frequent infections
bronchitis and pneumonia
asthma and allergies
– skin, cardiovascular, nervous system and metabolic disorders
serious diseases in adulthood (including cancer)


Smog harms infants and young children in particular, due to:
the time of intensive development of the respiratory, immune and nervous systems
less developed natural protective barriers against inhaled particles
– higher ratio of respiratory rate to body surface area
– greater exposure to smog (pollutants accumulate near the ground, so children breathe air of poorer quality than adults).



The BRIMMU app, connecting to the shield, shows: whether the system is on, whether the filter needs to be replaced, and what the temperature is inside the cart.

In addition, using Airly’s sensor database – it shows the air quality in your area (and thus – whether it is advisable to use the shield).

The Brimmu app can be downloaded on the AppStore and GooglePlay


“I must say that the cover is a sensational idea. It has made our life much easier. During walks it protects the baby from smog. In addition, for us parents of a child with a severe heart defect, it gave a substitute for normalcy. Protection from bacteria and viruses allows us to visit the clinic and meet with our immediate family in peace. I am very grateful for this product! Son liked the cover, he is always curious about it, but also has no problem with naps when it is on :)”
“For a developing baby’s brain, good air quality is very important. We recommend the smog shield ( simplicity of use, functionality ), especially in highly polluted areas. On walks in Bytom we go with our daughter without fear :)”
“In such a climate, I think it is a very good investment for the health of our little one. In general, the purifier is very easy to install and start, it is not a problem. When turned on, it cleans the inside of the carrycot, creating a light white noise.”
“I recommend, the cover is made very solidly and nicely. High quality materials, fits very well on the cart. It does its job of filtering polluted air. We are very satisfied.”
“I’ve owned the stroller cover for over a year now, and I still feel delighted with the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and (actually most of all) what the brand offers us. In times of smog, this cover is definitely a must have for any stroller! A huge plus is that it fits most strollers available on the market. To sum up: Brimmu is not only covers and protection, Brimmu is also two wonderful people – Kasia and Filip ?I love, recommend and look forward to the new color reveals!”


It’s best to use Brimmu when air pollution levels in your area exceed acceptable standards. We recommend keeping in mind that the sensors from which publicly available air pollution data is derived are generally not placed at street level, so if you want to walk along a busy street, we recommend wearing Brimmu, regardless of the available data. The only contraindication to the use of Brimmu is high temperatures (above 25 deg C in the sun) due to the possibility of overheating of the stroller. Conditions inside the stroller in this regard are controlled by a built-in thermometer.

Brimmu has a filter patency monitoring system that will signal the need to change the filter. The estimated lifetime of one filter is about 6 months of daily use (assuming a daily 2-hour walk). However, this time may change due to differences in pollution levels in the area. Using Brimm in a high dusty environment (e.g. construction) can significantly shorten the useful life of the filter cartridge. The filter should not be used for more than 12 months, regardless of the level of wear.

Brimmu fits all standard carrycot strollers and most stroller type strollers on the market. You can find more about the dimensions of compatible strollers in the product descriptions in the ,,store” section. If you have doubts whether Brimmu will fit your stroller – write to us – describe to us the dimensions (height and width) of your stroller, make and model or send a photo, and we will try to answer your doubt as soon as possible.

The air in a stroller equipped with Brimmu is exchanged more than 70 times per hour. The continuous exchange and circulation of air inside the stroller also ensures the evacuation of carbon dioxide, as confirmed by a study using a CO2 simulator.

Brimmu has a control module that informs you when too high a temperature occurs inside the stroller. Do not use the cover when there is a high temperature (above 25 deg C in the sun).

The cover provides air exchange in the stroller dozens of times per hour. The exact number depends, among other things, on the size of the stroller and the type of cover. Our tests of CO2 levels, using a simulator of air exhaled by the baby, showed that the level of carbon dioxide inside the stroller stays below 1000 ppm. According to the WHO standard, this means “fresh air,” which means not only safe, but also comfortable for the toddler.

The filter module is designed so that the air is pushed out through a gap around its perimeter and distributed evenly over the entire surface of the stroller. Therefore, there is no possibility that a blast of air will be directed at the baby.

Clean air pumped into the interior of the cart by the filter module prevents such a situation, which was confirmed by tests.

Brimmu produces “white noise”, which can further help the baby fall asleep.

Air purifiers work effectively in small spaces and with closed windows, because only in such conditions are they able to exchange polluted air for clean air on an ongoing basis. Using an air purifier in a cart without restricting its space is not effective, as there is a constant mixing of air inside and outside the cart.

Yes, the filter used in Brimmu is highly effective in cleaning the air also from allergens (such as pollen, dust) present in the air.

Yes, the Brimmu filter also protects against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, the product can also be used in situations of exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses (e.g. influenza, epidemics) in large human concentrations (airports, shopping malls) or particularly exposed places (hospitals, clinics), as well as in situations where the child’s immunity is found to be significantly reduced.

Yes, Brimmu is weatherproof and protects against rain/strong wind, but we do not recommend using it for extended periods during heavy rainfall. In addition, strong wind and rain usually also mean better air quality because they are natural “air purification” systems.

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