F9 replacement filter

F9 replacement filter


Our specially designed small air filter with big capabilities! This is a standard Brimmu purifier filter, recommended to protect your baby from smog while walking.

It fits both types of Brimmu purifier.

Więcej informacji

When do I need to order a new filter?
When the icon of the Brimmu control module starts flashing – it means that the need to replace the filter (both filters in the case of Brimmu 2) is slowly approaching – then it is best to order new ones.

If the icon lights up continuously – it is imperative to replace the filter(s) before using the product again.

The current degree of wear of the filter(s) is also indicated by the Brimmu app (more about it – in the section ,,Brimmu App”).

On average, assuming a daily 2-hour walk with Brimmu, the moment to replace the filter(s) will occur after about 6 months of product use.

Remember not to use Brimmu, without changing the filter/filters, for more than 12 months, regardless of the level of wear.

How to replace the filter?

It’s quite simple! Everything is described in detail in the instructions for use included with the product.

Technical data:
System cleaning efficiency for PM 10: 90%+
System cleaning efficiency for PM 2.5: 90%+
Filtering efficiency of FC-9/50 filter class F9: according to PN-EN 779 standard.
Purification efficiency of particles of 0.4 um (PM 0.4) at a minimum of 95%.